Pre-School Sessions

Children need to be active every day to promote their healthy growth and development. Those who establish healthy lifestyle patterns at a young age will carry them and their benefits forward for the rest of their lives.  This is important to us at React!

There are many benefits to be gained, including promoting and encouraging the development of essential motor skills such as Balance, Strength, Flexibility and Coordination.  Our Pre-School Sessions are a fun and enjoyable way to introduce an active lifestyle into your little ones routine!

Our fully qualified, enthusiastic team of coaches provide a range of fun-filled classes for children 12 months – 4 yrs and provide an excellent introduction to physical activity!

Bouncing Bunnies

“Pay and Play”

A 1hr Drop-In Explore Session.  Exploring different surfaces and getting to know the environment before moving into semi-structured sessions.

Attendance of these classes require supervision by parent/guardian.

React coaches are for supervision only.

For ages 18 months – 3 years.

Cheeky Chimps:

A 45 min Semi-structured, coach led, themed gymnastics class accompanied by an adult.  Colourful and fun circuits, musical warm ups and a safe place to explore.

A range of structured activities on all pieces of equipment to be assisted by parents and carers allowing the children to become familiar with the environment preparing the little gymnasts for the independent preschool class.

35 minutes structured session, 10 minutes explore.

For ages 18 months – 2 years.

Leaping Lions:

A 1hr Structured, coach led, themed, independent session for ages 3-4yrs. These hour long sessions involve a musical warm up, multiple activity circuits on different apparatus followed by a cool down game, finishing with 10 minutes of explore and play to be assisted by parents and carers.

A safe environment for your littles ones to challenge themselves whilst having fun and learning basic gymnastics skills as well as vital fundamental skills.

50 minutes structured session, 10 minutes assisted explore play with parents.