John Richards Sports Therapy in Hereford supports us when we need a little help with our tired muscles and joints.  A huge thank you to John for always making us better, stronger and more confident to push that little harder.

Rocsa Leotards are:

React Gymnastics & Trampoline Centre’s preferred partner, offering a fantastic quality product backed up by amazing staff and customer services.

Rain-screen Cladding Specialist

KK Facades have over 10 years experience, working alongside some of the country’s largest Contractors,

One of the Many benefit’s KK Facades offer our Clients, is Manageability. “On large Jobs a lot of time can be lost in the day to day management of small groups of sub contractors.” With KK the need for that, can be eliminated. One point of contact for our Client is all that is required in order to maintain Control of the entire workforce.


To KK Facades Ltd for their amazing financial support to enable React Gymnastics &

Trampoline Club to purchase much needed equipment and allow the club to grow. This financial support will enable the club to impact so many more children in the community, improve sports in Herefordshire and help our next generation to be happier and healthier in life.

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