Acrobatic Gymnastics also commonly known as its shortened name of ‘Acro’ and is another form of Gymnastics. Acrobatics is a team sport and is formed of either a ‘pair’ or a ‘group’ and can include both male and female gymnasts. This form of gymnastics includes balances and throws as well as floor skills and tumbling which are all performed to music.

If you love to perform and love gymnastics but maybe the bars and beam are not quite for you, why not give Acrobatics a try! 


Women’s Pair – Two women

Men’s Pair – Two men

Mixed Pair – One man & one woman

(man as the base, woman as the top)


Women’s Group – Three women

(also known as a ‘Trio’)

Men’s Group – Four men

(also known as a ‘Men’s Four’)


Recreational & Non Competitive Pathway

Display Squad